Which car company ticks the most boxes in their line up? Volkswagen Auto Group doesn’t count simply because the individual marquees are encouraged to remain as much autonomy as possible. So in sticking with one marquee only, who gives the most variety for the enthusiast? If you could only have one for the rest of your life, who would you pick?

I’m torn between Mercedes and Ford.

Ford only really lacks an upper end in terms of line up (no S-class, SL, AMG-GT or anything really over $100K except the Ford GT)


Mercedes lacks a lower end though (no cheap fun like the ST’s, RS or Mustang) and most importantly no trucks.

Chevy and their badge siblings are close but Cadillac has become different enough that it is hard to put them in with the rest of the GM crew. GM also lacks a upper end in performance and nothing cheaper than a Camaro gets the SS treatment.


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