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Oppo Interest?

Hey guys and gals, this christmas i received a new Ryobi powertool set from my father in law to replace my old craftsman set. but the old craftsman set still works perfectly. its their 19v C3 kit and I have a circular saw, 2 drills, a quarter inch impact, sawsal, flashlight, 2 batteries and 2 chargers, and a carrying case and was wondering if any oppos in the chicagoland area needed some new to them powertools. id be willing to give a generous oppo discount if anyones interested. basically just to get them all out of my garaged id sell everything for 60 bucks

its basically that set but with an added drill and impact and the flashlight looks a bit different. but everything is in good working order. one of the drills does have some spray paint on it but still works great.

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