Andrew I know you're out there so I'm not necessarily looking for you. I know 14 of you have been given promo codes from me for a 1 month iRacing trial. Hopefully you've all tried it. If there's one thing I know about iRacing is that there are things that will confuse you.

One of you mentioned having problems with the steering lock of 180 degrees. Well it isn't technically 180 degrees but the driver arms animation only animates 180 degrees. If you keep turning the wheel you'll get more steering input from the virtual car than you're actually seeing. I drive with the arms off so the wheel turns the full range.

Another thing that confuses people is safety rating and iRating. if you have questions feel free to ask. If you're not sure how the championship points work or what SOF means feel free to ask.

As an avid iRacer getting more members is important to me. More members means more people racing. More people racing means better competition for me. If I show up for a race with 10 other people of various skills there's a good chance the race won't be too exciting. However, I raced last night with 145 people and got put with 28 similarly talented racers. Were it not for my half spin and broken LF suspension I bet I would have enjoyed that race.

So where are you iRacers? And if we can get enough of you maybe I can host an Opposite lock iRacing league. I promise to handicap myself.