Oppo is a Very Diverse Car Community...

And yet, none, none of you guessed correctly what my new car is.

Allow me to add to Oppo’s automotive diversity: say hello to my 2019 Camaro!


2.0T, base 1LT trim package. 6-speed manual, as decreed in the Constitution.

The car has virtually no optional extras, except this thing called a “1LE Track Performance Package.” More on that later.

I’m about 350 miles into the 1500-mile break-in period so far. A “first impressions” review will be up here shortly, followed by gratuitous autocross content once the break-in mileage is out of the way.

And before you ask, let me say it: the visibility is just fine.


Let me know what all y’all wanna know about the car and I’ll add it in the review soon! 

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