So most of you probably are aware that Jalopnik has launched a new sub-blog called Carbuying! It will be run by myself and Tavarish (APiDAOnline). We would not have gotten this far without the help of the Oppositelock community. So thank you!

Here is where we need your help, because we come from Oppo (and we will still be around, maybe just not as much), we want to highlight the knowledge base that is here. So please visit CarBuying often and keep the conversation going. Tavarish and I have our specialties, but our knowledge and experience is nothing compared to the Oppo community.

Also, we want to share your stuff (we already have)! If you find something cool on Ebay, BAT, Craigslist etc...if you just bought a car, or are thinking of buying a car, if you are discussing dealerships...anything that has to do with car-buying...please use the tag "car buying" and drop me a line either on Kinja, Twitter (@AutomatchTom) or email- . Now we can't share everything, but if it fits we will try to move it over.