Hi Oppo!

I’ve noticed (it’s hard not to) an issue with my Accent for the last month or two, but have been lazy and have yet to do anything about it. Basically, at random at normal speeds, when braking to a stop (especially), I can hear a grinding/graunching noise coming from my front left wheel. Now, it’s not just a grinding, but a PULSING grinding (i.e. per wheel rotation, so i.e. it slows down as the car slows down).

It does not happen all the time and can sometimes be gone for days or a week where everything sounds and works fine (i.e. no feel of it through the pedal).

It seems especially worse when braking hard from a faster speed and, after such maneuvers, the sound can actually continue when I am OFF the brakes as I re-accelerate (though it will quickly go away again until I am back on the brakes).

So, what say you Oppo...? The brakes seem to WORK just fine, but I can feel it through the pedal. No vibrations in the steering wheel when braking though, so I don’t think the rotor is warped....? Maybe a loose brake pad...?

Have to take it in for a service in the coming weeks (overdue by 2000km on my oil change right now...just haven’t had time!) for an oil change and to get two slight clunks on the left side checked that seem to be coming from the suspension...hoping worn bushings, but those small clunks seem completely unrelated to the grinding noise issue!

Thanks in advance! :)