There’s my last picture of the Cougar.

In the end, I did an honest evaluation of what work I was willing to do, and how much money I was willing to spend. What I came down to was the realization that the rust in the rear quarters was too much for me to deal with, and too expensive for me to pay for someone to do. I had big dreams, but not a big enough wallet to go with them, unfortunately. I’m honestly a little choked up that it’s gone. Overall, I made a few hundred dollars on the car. But the three years with it were pretty cool.

It went to a good home. The guy wants to put it back to original. His first car was a ‘67 Cougar. We did a little back and forth and it ultimately went out the door for $7k. Yes, I know I just put seats in it. No, I didn’t pull them back out. Yes, I should have.


That’s not the end of “fun vehicle” for me, though. I’m not sure what will replace it. Motorcycles for me and my son? A Wrangler to bounce around the neighborhood in? A Land Cruiser? I honestly don’t know.

As I’ve said before, for me, I pretty much buy cars knowing eventually that I’ll sell them. I honestly can’t say there’s a car I regret selling, and I’ve had some other fun cars. There are quite a few I’d take back if given the option, but in the end, it’s a car. There are many more out there.


This Cougar attached me to a time and place, which was a great feeling. When I was cruising in that car, it felt like I was riding around with my dad when I was a kid. It was never about the car, it was about the time I shared with my dad, when we went on our long weekend rides, just exploring backroads in the Mustang, or the old C10, or any vehicle that came after it. Now it’s time to make those same memories with my son. We just have to choose a new ride.