Oppo, I've been out driving and I feel good.

I was happy when the car arrived, but now that we are starting to bond it’s just fantastic. My wife and daughter are away for the weekend so it’s just me the dogs and the cars. After work I went over to my parents place to get my battery charger out of the M3, so naturally I drove the M3, which is always great. When I pulled back into the garage I saw my moms C5 looking jealous all hooked up to its battery tender, so I drove it too. Then I came home and took apart the 1502's loose ignition cylinder and tightened it up while I waited for the battery to charge. I got it started, let it warm up and took a couple of laps around the local closed, non public course. Here is a quick video which is terrible and short because I was focused on driving.

That’s all for tonight. I’m getting ready to open Troges Perpetual IPA #3 and replace the 2002 badge with the 1502 badge that I bought.


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