See the lip on this wheel?

Its not as deep as THIS wheel:




Now, if you were me, and did ZERO Googling whatsoever and just went by common sense knowing these wheels came off the same car, and had different lip depths, you would think the REAR wheel would have the FATTER DEEPER lip, right?

Apparently, the FRONT wheels of a Trans Am GTA have a shallower offset, and therefor a fatter deeper lip, and therefore stick out a bit farther than the rear wheels.


I did not know this. In fact, in forums going back to the mid 2000's its been popular to put FRONT wheels on the backs of Firebirds to not only have a better look, but to also enable proper tire/wheel rotations.... though having a rear on the front more inset with a smaller lip may look ok, but I’m not sure it would clear the brake caliper... anyways, that’s probably WHY the offsets and whatnot are different, but I did not know any of this.

The offset/backspacing of the REAR wheel


Offset/backspacing of the FRONT wheel - less distance = sticks out farther on the car

When I first started searching for the black lace GTA/GNX wheels that I wanted, I saw that there were two different sized lips, and figured the rear would have the deeper of the two, naturally. So I started searching for rears only, and put all four rears on my car.


I mean it doesn’t look BAD, but it could look BETTER now that I know the FRONTS have a deeper lip and stick out farther.

And now that I have a full set of matching GTA wheels, and not just a wheel here, a wheel there like I have been buying off eBay (one doesn’t have dimples on the spokes, shhh don’t tell anyone) I can mix and match them as I see fit... but I really want another pair of fronts now so I have the most deepest of dishes, and the most pokiest of offsets on all four corners.


Back to eBay I guess...