I’ve had these for a few weeks now, but I haven’t made time to update on them until now. On one of my prior posts, I mentioned that I was still trying to find someone with the necessary equipment to restock on the original chrome design. I am happy to say that the chrome decals are back in stock, and better than ever; Printed white vinyl overlayed with clear UV resistant vinyl for durability. Otherwise, I have expanded the color selection of the nuJalop to include Black, White, and an extremely limited light blue (per request). I recently obtained a significant quantity of colored vinyl, so a multitude of different colors are also available if desired.

Currently available:

From left to right: Oppo, nuJalop orange, black, light blue, white, OG chrome, and Rising Sun. Approx. 6"x2" and 7"x1.25"
Example of color representation, as transfer paper obscures the newest designs. Colors are vibrant and UV resistant.

The colored vinyl decals are $5 each, the chrome is $7 due to much higher manufacturing costs, and the Rising Sun design is $5. Cost of shipping to anywhere in the world is included; so far I’ve shipped vinyl to every continent except Antarctica.

If you’d like to get your hands on one, either send me an email (thereign@outlook.com) or go directly through paypal.

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