Me bitching after the jump.

Do you really wanna be that guy going,”oooo look at the pretty trees” doing the speed limit? If so, Go Home, rethink life.

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If someone pulls up behind you on a windy road just Pull the fuck over. I dont care if your pushing your car, if they made to behind you than they are driving faster. I nearly lost my mind getting stuck behind someone who thought that they were driving fast enough to not have to pull over. Ended up just wasteing away about half of the drive.


Disclaimer: The road this took place on is known for its fast driving residents, and it is fairly well known that one should pull over for faster dring peaple, regardless. Now i dont drive aggressively in citys, towns, highways, or any where that isnt a country road. And yes I understand that i should share the road and drive less dangerously.

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