So I have started sharing things from my personal blog to Oppo instead of posting here directly. If you intend on doing this, know that you will get notified for every comment on your post regardless on whether or not is directed at you the OP. There are some pros and cons to this. Pro- You become aware of a convo that you might have missed allowing you to contribute to it. Con- You have to filter through every damn comment to find the ones that are actually asking you questions. If your post is just on Oppo this is approximately 70% Pro, 30% Con. If your post is shared to the FP this is 20% Pro 80% Con...or in the case of a really divisive article up to 2% Pro and 98 % Con. I witnessed an internet fight that happened over the course of 18 hours of people writing paragraphs of the same damn thing yelling at each other. JEEZE just let it go people.