Oppo knowledge test: electric AWD

Ok, so it’s a test / clever ploy to get some extra brainpower.

So, I need to make a list of through-the-road hybrids - hybrids that drive some wheels with a traditional ICE (plus maybe an electric motor) and the others only with electric motors.

This 918 is an EXCELLENT example!

Anything goes, from the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid to the LaFerrari 918. [EDIT: It’s been pointed out I was a bit hasty including the LaFerrari, which is actually RWD. Eh, nobody’s perfect! And thanks for the correction!]

I’d also like to capture rumored upcoming vehicles, like the mid-engine Corvette.

I have a partial list already, but I’m trying to make sure I cover all my bases.

Ready, Oppo?


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