Oppo, learn me on brakes

Due to receiving much less tax return then I initially planned, I decided to do the brakes instead.

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What does that entail? Well, right now for sure: All new lines, hoses, and taking my booster/master cylinder to be rebuilt at a local shop. All in all, I don’t expect this to cost much.(relatively)


Whiiiiiiiiiile I’m in there... I should probably replace some of the other stuff. Right? Most of it doesn’t look too bad actually (unlike alot of other stuff on the car) but certain things leave me very conflicted and or worried.


Noticeably, rock auto lists a package for the front calipers, rotors, and pads for an insane 147$. Questions about quality run high. Although, compared to OE GM, how bad can it be?


My rotors have been sitting for 3 years and I don’t know at what point the rust will make them unusable. I don’t have any pictures but I can take some if oppo wants.

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At the least... I figure I should replace the bleeder screws (cheap) and the rear drum wheel cylinder (also cheap). Should I buy the rotor kit? should I replace all the nonsense with my drum brakes (springs, adjuster ect?) or is what I am doing enough? This is an opinion, obviously. I would like to know from your hooptie experience whether this stuff usually fails or if I should just let it ride for now. It will add about another ~250$ (which isn’t alot of money for this) for absolutely everything.


If anything, I am more concerned about the huge amount of work this all adds. Here is the total list of possible “additional” items. (as far as I know! feel free to add stuff that I need)

Wheel bearings

Bleeder screws

Wheel seals

Wheel Cylinder

Drum brake hardware kit

Drum brake self-adjuster repair

Total caliper/rotor/brake pad kit, or possible caliper rebuild instead. Cheap or expensive?


Wheel bearing dust caps

Front discs rear drums, if that needed said. Thanks guys!

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