Glamour shot

So, at 10 years old the A4 is getting a little long in the tooth. However, it is still a fantastic car even by today’s standards. It is optioned out, has plenty of pep, is comfortable over lots of highway miles (which is most of the driving I do anyway), and still looks good enough to pass as a nice car. It’s a solid whip for sure, and at 70k miles, it’s still got a lot of life left in her. Everything works, and aside from the resonateor rusting out last winter, it’s had 0 issues since I’ve owned it.

But... I’m getting slightly bored with it. It’s a fun car and all, but not exactly a high performer even with the 3.2. It has a super heavy sway bar in the rear, which has done a good job of neutralizing the understeer that Audis are famous for. It still dips hard in turns and has noticeable body roll in hard cornering.


I don’t take it to the track but that’s not out of the question. I guess I just want it to feel more fun to drive without riding around in a faux race car.

So I’m wondering if coilovers are worth the trouble. I don’t want to ruin the ride and make it unbearable on long drives. I routinely drive down to Kentucky, which is about 8 hours, and I don’t want to be feeling every bump. I know nothing about coilovers at all, so take me to school oppo.

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