OPPO Learn me some GX470

So I have been looking to replace my k1500 for awhile now and I think i have finally settled on a used Lexus GX470. I have done my research and do diligence into this including a break down of getting a Truck vs SUV. With that I will consider suggestions but your going to have to really convince me. (budget ~ $12k)

I have some knowledge into the J120 platform as it is more commonly called else where the Land Cruiser Prado. Only engine option is the 4.7L v8 which was updated in 2005 with vvt-i which bumped up the power. So I am staying newer than 2005. There was also an option for Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) in 2004. I have heard mixed info on whether or not this is beneficial in the Off-roading community.


So to continue doing my homework I was wondering if anyone had experience with the GX470. Any inside knowledge to the platform or weak spots. I know the Air suspension is fairly expensive to replace but unlike Land Rover’s its actually reliable.

Please note why I am not considering the 4th gen 4runner is because I dont like the interior. Overall the two are relatively the same and the 4runner might be better looking but I couldn’t get over that interior. (especially the hvac controls). And as it is the thing you deal with on a daily basis the 4runner is a no go.


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