On Sept. 17th I received a ticket for being on state grounds after posted hours. I of course cannot pay it until I get a letter with the case details (including amount owed). I was told this could take up to three weeks after issue, but I'm also supposed to pay within 30 days of issue. Do the math—those three weeks are up, and I still haven't received any details in the mail. I just right now did a ticket search on my name and nothing was listed, confirming it wasn't a post mishap.

So I've basically decided what to do: if the details show up in these next couple days (or ever I guess), pay it—obviously. But if the details simply fail to show up, I'm planning on doing absolutely nothing. Is that the right choice?

If I never get charged then, hooray, the bureaucracy fucked up and I got let off the hook. If they somehow never alerted me that I owe money yet contact me about having not paid within 30 days of issue (and think about how unlikely that is, considering how the same record dictates both), then I can challenge any penalties by saying I was never informed I had to pay.

It's pretty straightforward and logical to me, I just want to see what y'all think.


Steel for your time.