So there’s this car I’ve been itching to look at but it’s at a slightly sketchy dealership in a sketchy part of town. However I just did a VIN check and it has a clean Carfax, and has lots of documented service. Looks like it was a trade in a went through two dealer auctions.

Now, I am fully away that CARFAX is never the full story. And again I wonder how this particular dealership got a hold of this car, and how imminent something is about to fail. On the other hand I am hoping for the most random of luck, finding a gold nugget in a mound of petrified turds.

So basically what I ask is this: have any of you found a decent car from perhaps a not so decent source? My buddy, a small time dealer, told me that even the shadier dealerships have one decent car on the lot at any time. Basically I’m banking on the idea that they “don’t know what they have.”