Oppo, lend me your opinions on the Accent

$1,800, 118k miles, seems taken care of well enough, only one concern. It’s on the original clutch. I could most likely replace it myself, but I live in an apartment with an asphalt parking lot, in Texas. So it’s something I’d really like to avoid doing myself.

I remember when I replaced the clutch on my old (EG) Civic, I got a quote from a shop out of curiosity, and they quoted me $500. Would a clutch job on this be a similar price? Because if it was something around there I wouldn’t mind at all just paying for a shop to do it.

However automotive stuff seems to be kind of expensive around here. In WA shops would press out and in bushings and balljoints for $10, here everyone wanted $75 for it, so I’m not sure if I should expect a 500-$700 clutch job on this around here. I’ll call a shop tomorrow and get a quote just to see though. 


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