FNM Onça for your time.

So I barely got here and I’m already asking for your oppinion, but hear me out. I was recently presented with the oportunity to do an academic research with a good friend and also teacher of mine who’s worked with automotive design for a long time and has tons of contacts in the industry. I get to pick the subject of analysis for the project, which will last for a year, give or take. So help me out oppo, what should I go with? What would you like me to research? It has to be connected to automotive design and preferably be something that gives me the opportunity to draw and design something along the way.

I’ve toyed with several possible topics already, as follows:

History of the brazilian designed automobile (hard to get information about, other people have done similar stuff already)


A look at how automation will change the design of emergency response vehicles (I’m not crazy about automation, but this is something that I haven’t seen discussed yet, which is nice)

A look at design trends over the years and where automotive design is probably headed (kindda cliche, but would provide some opportunity to draw)


So, what does oppo think? I would love to regularly post about this as it develops, so give me suggestions and oppinions!