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Oppo, Let's Have a Chat

I’ll start this post by making it very clear that I am not singling out any one author, admin or commenter. This is just a simple reflection of my observations. When I joined Oppo as an author, it truly felt like a welcoming community. It felt like no matter what we believed about politics, religion, social issues, ect., we were all bonded through cars (even if we didn’t like the same cars).

Recently though, it has felt like the welcoming community feel has decayed. Maybe I’m crazy (probably), but more often I find myself scrolling through comments and posts that do not promote the community. They break it down. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Oppo. I visit it often.

All I mean to say is: Oppo, keep it cool. You all rock. A Quattro and E30 for your time. Goodnight.

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