Okay, here's a little game which will most likely just end in many of us posting delicious photos of our favorite cars.

Let's say the next car you buy, which is not any of the vehicles you have owned now or owned previously, you have to keep for 25 years. That's twenty-five. Many of you are still in high school, so you would still have this vehicle from graduation to beyond your 20-year reunion.


You might be starting a family, or moving across the country, the car has to go with you. You cannot get additional cars, however if you marry, your spouse is allowed one vehicle. So, if you pick a two seater like CR-Z, the kids will basically have to be strapped to the roof.

Lets keep the price <$40k, new or used.

I'd probably go with a late model Tacoma, because forever alone + capability + bulletproof reliability.

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