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I have an email group together for people in California (contact me if you arent on the list and want to be added! Being in California isnt a requirement to be on the list). I have copied an email here though for anyone who might be interested in some upcoming events we have in the near future.

Hey all,

Here are a few events upcoming in the near future. There are quite a few chains going on right now. But I figured I would consolidate some of the information into one email post for y’all. Contact me for me details if you are interested.


Friday 12JUL19 (TOMORROW) - Myself and two others are meeting up in Malibu for some aggressive canyon carving and maybe some hiking and beach going. An Oppo from Portland is in town (Future Heap Owner) and wants to see what Malibu is all about. Meetup is 0800-0900 at Reel Inn, Malibu and drive/hike/beach will last until about 1400-1500 approximately. Link

Saturday 20JUL19 (NEXT WEEKEND) - Casual meetup in Malibu (maybe some driving? Not sure, but it will be fun and cars). Resident Lexus Guy is meeting a few of us in a press car. Meetup location is TBD starting at approximately 0800.

Saturday 27JUL19 (NEXT NEXT WEEKEND) - Track day at Buttonwillow. Myself, His Stigness, and maybe Immoral Minority will be tearing up this track for an HPDE. Others are welcome to join or just come watch us drive our slow turds cars and check out the other cool cars. Party at IM’s after! Accommodations available at the house, must love dog because the dog will love you lol.

Sunday 28JUL19 (NEXT NEXT WEEKEND) - BBQ meetup and drive in the Fresno area. Will need to RSVP for this one if interested. At IM’s house all day. Link


Again if you dont feel like finding the other chains (or you are not on the email list), just ask me for details!

My contact:

Note: You will be spammed about future events if you email me

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