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Oppo Meet

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these enthusiasts from the swift assembly of their scheduled meets.”

With the threat of rain, I departed for Oppo Meet. It began to downpour almost immediately, but let up as I neared the NJ border.


Neat! A narrow wooden bridge.

I left early to give myself some time for getting lost and stopping to take pictures. Of which I did both. Still got there super early somehow. While sitting there I took some random pics of my interior.


Not too long later,Higu showed up in his Fiesta ST and cleverly parked in such a manner that I would see his Oppo sticker. ShelbyRacer78 was not long after with probably the best example of a Mercury Sable.

JGrabowMST had told Higu to keep an eye out for SavetheIntegras grey Civic. A little while later a grey Civic parks on the opposite side of the parking lot. Arms flailing in an attention grabbing fashion, Higu yells out to him. The guy waves back from across the parking and goes inside to his job. It was not him.


SavetheIntegras, ESSSIX GmbH and JGrabowMST show up a little later and we all go in the grocery store to get some food and supplies. I chip in some money for that and I’m left with $38 in cash in my wallet.

We then depart for High Point State Park. I take up the rear so that no one gets stuck behind my 65hp behemoth on the climb up to High Point. It was a nice ride. I was directly behind Esssix and his wonderful sounding Audi, that promptly disappeared from view as we hit the incline.


I finally make it up the hill and pull in line behind them as we make our way through the park gate. I briefly skim the sign and notice “$10 for out of state cars”. No problem. I get my $10 ready when ESSSIX gets out his car and comes up to my window.

E: “Do you have cash?”

me :“Sure.” I hand him a 20.

He proceeds through gate. I pull up and give the nice lady the $10.

lady: “It’s $20 on the weekends.”

me: “.....”

internal monologue: “haha, sonuvabitchbastard” (if you’ve been keeping track I was left with $18 after giving ESSSIX that $20)


lady: “You can pay by card at the main office across the street.”

Across the street I go. That resolved, I meet up with the group.

Holy crap! Doug Demuro and Freddy Tavarish joined us! Another reason Jalopnik is awesome. I can’t think of any other site that interacts with and appreciates their reader base in the same way.


SavetheIntegra’s friend got to quick work on the grill.


The persistent light rain slowly increased in intensity throughout the day. We huddled under trees, shared umbrellas, utilized emergency ponchos and just gave a “fuck you” to the weather in general. Time of day was the only thing that set us about our way.


A wild Mika appears.


Shitty weather, awesome cars, great people and great food, with some hilarity thrown in the mix. A good day overall. Thanks for organizing this again, JGrabowMST.

Jalopnik is awesome.

Oppo is awesome.

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