Genie came to join our family today.

Outside my house this evening because I forgot to bring the garage clicker. She’s decked out in “Formal Blue”.

The more attentive readers will notice that Genie is not, in fact, a convertible. Yes, that’s right. The Great Convertible Hunt of 2017 ended with. . .

a sedan.

A Kia K900 to be specific. I nabbed this baby for $26K with a CPO one year “platinum” warranty and 10 year, 100,000 miles powertrain warranty (of which I am given to understand 55k has been used by the original lessee. This car first entered service at Huffiness Kia of McKinney, had all of its service there (I have a copy of its entire service history), and was returned there after 2 years and 2 months. It got 55k miles on it in that time because the previous driver had family in El Paso that he visited often. I know this because I chatted with the salesman who originally did that deal.


I couldn’t pass up the gorgeous two-tone leather interior. How I’ll keep it clean I have no idea. The blankets in the passengers seat were what I used to protect the upholstery from my chair. You can see the temporary portable hand controls on the pedals. I need to get the permanent ones installed.

So how did this happen? I just couldn’t find the convertible that fit my needs as an only car right now, and was still fairly new. So, I sacrificed driving engagement for a different kind of fun. I had 13 good years with my RX-8, now I get to enjoy luxury for a few years. But, I may eventually get a convertible to play with on weekends, when I can afford it (read, when the wife’s van is paid off). Boxer_4 put it into my head that RX-7 ‘verts are plentiful, and now I’m keeping an eye out for them.