Do you like leaving the trunk of your Cadillac open when there’s a group shot being taken?

Do you like meeting strangers from the internet, letting them cook food for you and being able to make it home safely?

Do you like driving your car all over for no particularly good reason?

Do you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York or Connecticut (or love driving from even further out)?


Then you know what time it is, Oppo!


A bunch of random misfits from this very fine webpage you’ve come to know as Oppo are going to be meeting up in a local New Jersey supermarket parking lot!


When it is going to happen you ask? In a couple of weeks! July 31! It’s even a Sunday!

There are so many supermarkets, which one will I choose? The Acme in Oak Ridge, NJ! It’s very easy to find and has a huge parking lot! Right off of Oak Ridge Road, just about half way between Rt 15 and Rt 23! Easily accessible from Rt 80 and 287!


When should you arrive? 10am! We’re going to wait until about 11-11:30am before embarking on a short but quite spirited drive!

Why are we meeting at a Supermarket? So we can buy frozen food, charcoal and snacks to cook with fire on a grill! We’re going to have a cookout at Wawayanda State Park!


Should you bring anything else? $10 to get into the park, a few bucks to pitch in for buying food, and a good attitude for the day! We may be trolls in front of the keyboard, but leave it at the door, because Oppo meetups are fun for everyone!

How can I RSVP to this fine event?! Shoot me an email! [my username] @ gmail . com! I’ll keep a list of everyone who’s coming and keep you all updated as I know more people are coming! The more the merrier! So far the biggest meetup has been 12 cars and 16 people! Can we do better than that?!


What if I don’t own a cool car? Doesn’t matter what you drive, and you don’t even have to wash it to attend. There will be no trophies, but probably a lot of judging going on!

Is there anything else that you should know about this? Absolutely! The driveway into Wawayanda is a bit bumpy and has a couple of speed humps. If you drive a slammed car, you may have trouble. The HEMIWagon is lowered, and I drove in just fine today. It’s bumpy, but it works.


What if I can’t make it to this meetup? There will be more! There’s going to be a Second Annual Wagon Train, and the Fourth Annual Tri State Meetup will be held in November! Want more details on either of those? Shoot me an email!