the time has come to put the old reliable truck up near the head of the line, and get to work trying to put the cab back to “square enough” so as that the doors will open and shut.




when the accident happened, the impact forced the bed, which had a full 50 gallon gas tank into the back of the cab. i am not sure the pictures come through, to show how bent the back of cab is, but it sprung the cab.

What i would like to ask, is where are the best places to start push back out, to get the doors un-sprung, and back to mostly square. should i start with the cab back, or door frame? floors are wadded up too, but i can deal with those when i peel the cab off of the frame......

i am planning to try and use the hydraulic cylinder out of a harbour freight cherry picker as a port-o-power. gonna make some feet, and use some plate to try and distribute the force so that i dont punch through.


i know that i would be better off just finding another cab. but i just dont care on this one. i want to fix what is here. i got history with this truck........

i’d like to put it back together...... the frame is D-O-N-E- done. looks like a j. going to put as much of my original sheet metal as i have laying in the yard on this short bed frame. going to have to do a little bit of cut and paste with the bed to get the length put back right where it needs to be to fit on a short frame.


donor frame.....