Inside everybody is the mind of a thief, it's human nature. You would be lying if you said you have never thought "this is how I would steal that." I am going to try and start a daily thing where I give you a car in a hard to get location, and you are tasked with figuring out how to "borrow" that car. You may use any real available technology to aid in your attempt (so no Tardis-es or time traveling Deloreans). Rules: no murder allowed, no paying the owner for said car. Today's task after the gap.

I know a guy, a powerful guy, and he wants a ferrari. Not just any ferrari, a ferrari from Ralf Lauren's ferrari collection. He has tasked you with the job of "borrowing" one from Mr. Lauren. He gave you unlimited resources to retrieve said car. You must find a way to stealthily get the car out of his (presumably underground) storage facility, and out of the country. Don't get caught. Assume there is a pretty strong electronic (sensors and such) and physical (walls and such) security system. Good luck.