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Mrs. IM and I went and saw Brightburn last night instead of Endgame, which we decided we will stream or watch on demand when the time comes. We liked it, but I have a few criticisms. You may want to check out at this point. I will say, without revealing more, that the ending was top-notch.

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First and foremost, as much as I liked the movie and it was plenty scary, it was just a monster movie with Superman as the monster. They missed an opportunity to make a much more interesting movie where the family discovers the kid’s powers together, and the story of a kid who chooses to be villian instead of a hero.You could even show one of the parents seduced by the power while the other is horrified.

The second Omen movie did this well back in the day, when a teenage Damien discovers that he is Satan and attempts to convince his cousin and best friend to be a part of his power, killing him out of temper when he refuses. There was an interesting question of what moral obligation a super powered alien would feel towards an alien planet that was never explored.


What we got was a kid who became a complete alien sociopath the minute he discovered his powers. They suggested he was programmed to conquer, but they also missed something there. I thought the idea of an alien that mimics the young of a native species to conquer from the inside out was a cool sci fi concept that they never really committed to.

The gore and violence was hit and miss for me, and I usually love that sort of thing. The glass shard to the eyeball was well done and unsettling. The torn off jaw was not, due to over the top shitty CGI that left me like, “C’mon, man, really?” And not in a good, Sam Raimi kind of way. Practical effects are better, especially for gore, and especially on a budget.


All those criticisms aside, I did really like the movie. It was scary, and it went in directions I did not expect. The cast was good, and they built strong sympathy for the victims before they had them disposed of. A well done little horror flick.

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