When a seller lists a picture of the dash, and there is a brightly colored microfiber cloth neatly inserted wedged between the top of the console and the bottom of the dash, one must assume:

A) The seller is very concerned with fingerprints, and needs the towel handy at all times


B) There is frequent condensation from the upper A/C vent, which needs to be absorbed

C) There is a water leak in the front of the car, which funnels down the console, and needs to be absorbed

D) The console squeaks, so padding is needed so that the driver can distinguish between rubbing plastic, and an imminent IMS failure. Also, console is squeaking due to accident damage.

E) The seller was trying to Armor All every square inch of interior, and the towel got stuck.


I just can’t figure out why that is there. This is a similar dash, sans yellow accent.


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