What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Pop quiz oppo - how hard can a band that covers mega man and castlevania music rock? The answer is “So fucking hard, it’ll take off your goddam head!”.

I’ve been playing this on my commutes as we try and make enough sanitizers and cleaners to go around in my area. Hopefully we get our paperwork in line and we can start bottling soon. Keep it clean, everyone. And we’re fortunate out in my plant. Our daily staff count is under 10. We have chemical blending and bottling equipment. We also specialize in making cleaners. We aren’t charging anything for shipments requested by the government. We know we’ll get covered for it. So we all have not just a job, but something we can DO about what’s going on. I made some announcements at our parent company today as well about our plans and people seemed in high spirits. Also I;ve had to make a LOT of friends in the EPA and FDA as well as some antimicrobial chemical suppliers. It’s.... it’s been a week, Oppo. So stay inside and party on!

Side note, this next song was a cover for a megaman boss called “Hard man”. And all he was is basically a bucket with some fists. Bit of a joke boss. So how do they cover his theme? They sing a story...... A story of a forer champion fighter coming back for one last fight. Robot war be damned, he’s here to prove he still has it. Every other boss? Crazy awesome weapons and tech. Hard man? Just some fists of ham and a jaw of iron. But god damn does he have heart!

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