The time is coming!

Several months back there was some interest in a southeast oppo meet up. We narrowed in on the Nashville area as it’s semi central and has a decent amount of car stuff to get in to. The question now becomes WHEN!

Talking with OpposResidentToyotaGuy, we came up with a rough plan for a weekend meet up. A little something like this:

Saturday morning hit up Cars and Coffee. If we do this on the first Saturday of the month it will be a MASSIVE CnC. Otherwise it’s a pretty decent turn out with a lot of very chill oppo-like dudes.


Following that head to Lane Motor Museum. If there’s enough interest we can get a group discount. Further more, Lane pretty regularly brings some cool stuff out to CnC (one of my favs being a Honda S660). So there is POTENTIAL we could meet up with a guy from Lane at CnC then get a leader back to the Musuem.

From there we can take the Scenic route down to Arrington Vineyards. Typically they have music and of course there is wine. It’s not the best wine, but it’s a beautiful drive and atmosphere. It’s also a relatively free place to hang out minus the purchase of liquid grapes.


From there we can wrap up Saturday in downtown Nashville at the Honkytonks.


We were talking Spring time, possibly May?
What say you oppo, WHEN would you be down?

Additionally, anyone who has planned a meet up before - any recommendations?