I know this if very, very first world problems, but I have 6 cars and think I would like to shake it up a bit.

The Line Up

Currently I have this:

plus this:


It's a good truck, but a bit boring.

I'm thinking of downsizing a little bit. Having that many vehicles is a lot to keep up with, maintenance-wise, and as you can suspect they all need a little work.


Current Vehicles

Each vehicle has it's own purpose/reason why I have it (from left to right):

1) 95 FZJ80 - is absolutely unstoppable offroad.

2)Unimog - if I could start it, it'd be unstoppable. Also great at car shows/parades/movies. Not running, currently.


3) 88 4Runner - this is swapped with the 3.4l 5vz-fe and stripped of all excess, making it super light and a blast to drive (and jump)

4) 78 Corona - just a little oddball rwd wagon. Not worth much. Yet.

5) 93 Miata - 1.8 swap, AC/PS delete. Good gas mileage DD, occasional autocross

6) 2013 Tacoma - comfortable, reliable, tows boat real nice.


It's always important to think about what needs are being met by your cars. Here's what I do:

1) Commute 25 miles each way, 5 days a week

2) Roadtrip a good bit. Driven from Key West to Plattsburgh, NY so far this year. Often we take 2+ dogs. Often we take bikes. I would like to be able to drive offroad when I get there occasionally.


3) Pull a trailer. Sometimes a boat, sometimes with motorcycles.


On the short list is the Tacoma. It costs a shitload to own, gets pretty bad MPG and I can't offroad it because it costs so much. Plus, the dogs aren't super comfortable in the back seat. It does tow well.


A) Sell Tacoma and FZJ80 Landcruiser and get at 2005-6 UZJ100 Landcruiser - it can tow the boat, can roadtrip in comfort for all passengers and is excellent offroad


B) Sell Tacoma, keep FZJ80 and get at Forester - Forester great for long trips and mild offroading with dogs. FZJ80 can tow the boat, but not great for longer trips (unless I upgrade stuff, which is an option)

C) Sell Tacoma and buy a full sized van! Be great for roadtrips (once equipped) and likely can tow boat well. No offroad, though.



What do YOU think I should do? I want less of a car payment and less things to fix, generally.