Oppo new car challenge

I love my Volvo. It is quick, comfortable, and good looking. It is, however, currently throwing a temper tantrum because of, we hope, a failing battery. It also turns seven this December. As it is my “reliable” “daily driver” I’ve been pondering what I would replace it with if I chose to and... honestly I’m not coming up with much. That is where you come in!

Constraints (Can ignore 1)

  1. Under $50,000
  2. 2014 or newer
  3. Power to weight ratio of 175 HP/TON or greater (Reference: Volvo is 250HP at 3300 pounds) and a good amount of torque (Volvo as ~300)
  4. Manual Transmission
  5. Do not want: BMW, Audi, Mustang, Camaro, Charger, Challenger
  6. Vehicle should be stock
  7. Located in the US

Not looking for specific listings (though those are welcome), just ideas.


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