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Oppo, new shoe recommendations?

And I mean actual shoes, not tires.

I'm starting my new job in two weeks. One thing on the list I want to get soon after starting is a new pair of work shoes or boots. My everyday shoes are either sneakers if the weather's hot, or rubber soled Double H cowboy boots any other time. While I have no problem wearing those boots all day, I'm also not on concrete all day.

This new job, I will be on concrete all day. I know the Double H's will absolutely kill my legs and my back. I'm looking for something comfortable to wear, but tough enough to withstand working. I'll also be outside occasionally, but that will be minor.


There's a couple of pairs that have my interest, but I also will know better what I need once I start. If anyone has any recommendations for what to look for, I'd love to hear and it would help a ton.

My wants, for now:

-Comfortable is the biggest. I'll be wearing them all day, on concrete, from 8-5. Shock absorbing is a plus.

-Low cut. My Double H's are 12" and I know that's way too high. They can be super hot in the summer. I also don't think I'll need anything too high for what I'll be doing.

-Non insulated. I won't be out in cold weather.

-Doesn't have to be water proof.

-Electrical hazard rating is nice, but most have this anyway.

-Cheap, but High quality. I want them to last, but I don't want to spend more than $150 unless I absolutely have to.


-Leather/Similar Material. I'll be around sparks and flame and I really would prefer my shoes don't melt.

-I'm not sure yet if steel toe is necessary. Always a plus. I might want to look for composite toe so they're lighter.


-Available wide. I need wider shoes or else they won't fit.

If anybody has any suggestions I'd love to hear them and you'd be helping someone who's just starting out a ton!

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