I have dozens of car and diecast related blogs on my RSS list, so I was thinking we can share our favorite blogs! Here is my list, with some obvious choices:

- Jalopnik (obvious choice is obvious);

- Oppositelock (ditto);

- Speedhunters (ditto ditto);

- Hemmings blog (obligatory for whoever likes old cars);

- Motorsporst Retro (vintage race cars? I'm in!);

- Petrolicious (another obvious choice);

- Scott Park Illustrations (awesome artist!);

- T-Hunted (one of the best Hot Wheels news blog I know, link translated from portuguese to english);

- The Lamley Group (I think most of you may know this);

- 829Japan (diecast news from Japan!)

And other brazilian car blogs. What are your recommendations?

Also here are some Saabs for your attention