Oppo Northeast Mini Meetup! Here's the refined Greenwich Concours d'Elegance "Plan:" Attend the Euro day on June 3rd, get lunch after.

The new plan is that there isn’t a plan! Based on the responses to my previous post (which you can check out here for info re: the event itself) the smartest thing to do would be to play it by ear via Oppo posts, and only attend the European day (Sunday, June 3rd) because it was mind-blowing last time, whereas the American day wasn’t far enough removed from your local classic car show to be worth staying in a hotel for.


I’ll be making small posts like these throughout the next couple of weeks. If you know you can make time for a day trip to Greenwich on Sunday, June 3, that’s great! The show is from 10:00 to 4:00 and ideally we’d hang out at the show as well as in the totally outrageous parking lot (pictured) until 1:00 or 2:00 before getting lunch in town. Greenwich is expensive, but there are sandwich shops and pizzerias for the non-Fortune 500 executives among us. 

So, let me know in the comments if this is something you’d be into. If you know for sure that you’ll be attending, great, lets talk logistics in the comments of these posts over the next couple weeks. If you aren’t sure, that’s great too! Just let me know in the comments if you’re considering it. We’ll be extremely informal about this. As in, so you can find me I will just print out a massive oppo logo and tape it to my rear glass. Very high tech.


I’ll start posting a list of tentative “yes” responses (let’s face it, they are all probably tentative!) if that makes sense. This show is truly epic, and the parking lot is just as wild, if not more so. I’m going back and forth on the vintage inspired attire, it was pretty hot last time and it looked like everyone who wasn’t in a t shirt and shorts was regretting it! We’ll see.

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