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OPPO Open Discussion Thread

How’s it going? What’s new? What’s next?

It’s my daughter’s 10th birthday today. She’s such a sweet kid, and still very much a “daddy’s girl”. She’s a good student, a great athlete, and a kind and giving friend. As she turns double-digits, I know the teenage years are coming, and fast... She does have a stubborn streak - like her momma - which can be a good or bad thing, depending on the situation! Hoping we can navigate this next decade of her life and be just as close on the other side as we are now. Dinner out all together tonight, then ice cream, then presents at home.


My life seems to be ruled by work and kids’ sports these days. Soccer season just wrapped up (she does have one last tournament), and basketball’s ramping up. Games for my oldest start soon (he’s middle school now), and practices for my daughter just started (I’m assistant coach). My little guy will do an 8-week skills “camp” early next year that I’ll help with as well. Mrs. addiction was assistant coach for all three in soccer, so now she gets a well-deserved break. Finding time to do much of anything else besides is a challenge... Coaching is good for me, though. Adds some physical activity I’m not getting enough of otherwise and I’m happy to spend time with my kids and their friends.

Sadly, our fall backroadtrip to NW Arkansas got cancelled this year due to lack of commitment and conflicts (partially my fault - my cousin needed help moving on the weekend we’d planned it). I really hate missing it; it’s the first time in something like a decade that I haven’t gone (with this group or another or on my own). Hopefully we’ll get a big group to go in the spring to make up for it.

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Work is work. Can’t complain (or shouldn’t, anyway).

Hate that the light is gone before 6:00 now and that we have a low of 23 coming Friday night, but there’s not too much I can do about that!

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