Prompted by @facw’s comment about changing springs, I checked Craigslist and this was posted today.

I’ve always used the same manual spring compressors like everyone else. My friend is an ENT surgeon and he repairs the extensive facial fractures those can cause. Instilling some fear in me isn’t a bad thing.

I bought a hydraulic floor mount Harbor Freight spring compressor years ago but it doesn’t fit the springs on struts well and it’s arms are a soft steel and bend with just Caravan springs. Scares me more than the manual stuff. No way it’ll work on my Transit springs.


I’ll save you guys some money - don’t buy this. I usually don’t buy HF if it could involve death or disfigurement. Maybe this purchase started that rule.

OTOH, I heard Branick is good. $450 seems like a good price. Anyone have experience with these? Is this indeed a good price?

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