What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
Cam for left (front) cylinder head.
Cam for left (front) cylinder head.
Image: Credit: Jake at dealership that sent me this photo, Graphic: Same for video below

The damn van is busted.

It started with a leak down test, passed 150 on all cylinders (this was to see if front head could be replaced under warranty).


Let’s check the lifters and rockers for damage.  


I attached a video, all of the rockers have play, that one being the worst.

I wanted to show you that rocker because it bottomed out and lightly damaged
the edge of one lobe on the exhaust cam. It’s your call on replacing that
cam, it’s just on the edge, Jeremy said most likely won’t make noise or
cause any other issues, but wanted to let you make the call. It’s hard to
say, but the wheel should just contact the center of the lobe.”


Well Damn. But the photo above is the cam and the barely scared edge. They say it may not make noise if I decide to save $197 and reuse it.

Would you reuse it?

My instincts say out with the old. Being in construction and plans call to save this or that for reuse it’s a pain in the ass and likely gets fucked up anyway and then take it out anyway, and it cost the client more money. I’d be extremely frustrated if it’s all back together and still a slight tick or noise. It’s already all the way apart and the cam is out anyway.



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