Haven’t posted in a while, but when I do it’s about some random car I won’t end up buying. Well the missus has been pushing me to replace my dd ‘93 escort now that her car is paid off, however we’re still pretty broke so the options are depressing to say the least. The main contender right now is a 2016 Chevy spark, anybody have any experience with those? It’s a crap can for sure but I’ve owned many (see my 1993 Ford escort) and it’s low mileage and cheap. I just really hate GM and the spark is the only GM car i would even consider and that’s only because it’s made in Korea. Some internet research hasn’t turned up anything too bad about them, just curious if any of you have any more experience to share. Honestly I’d rather have a mirage but have been striking out on that front so far and at least the spark is a fun color.

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