As some of you know, my current DD is an 08 civic LX Mt. It's a great little car; super reliable, great on gas, and insurance is cheap. There's only one major drawback... It's boring as hell to drive.

So needless to say, I've had the new car bug since I paid the Civic off a few years ago. The problem is that there are some major upgrades to my house that I want to make before I get any sort of new car. An updated furnace, updated kitchen, and a garage are my family's best interests right now.

At first I wanted to get a Bmw 335i or an Audi S4, but they command lots of money to buy and maintain. Then I was thinking getting something bigger with an American v8 like a Pontiac G8 or a first gen CTS-V. Nice examples of those two can be had for around the low to mid twenty thousand range. Regardless, I'd have a car payment that would delay my house plans and probably won't get approved by the wife.

I played around with the idea of sucking it up, keeping the Civic and getting a cheap toy, like a project Mr2. That hasn't happened because I don't have that garage I mentioned earlier...

Then this morning I had a revaluation! Why not just upgrade to a Si! 8th gen Si's would give me about 57 more horses, better handling, and more toys. I did a quick search and here's what I found:


No.1: 2009 with 41,000 miles. It's a year newer and 23k miles younger than my car. I figure I can work out a deal where I get a Si that's barely broken in for a car payment less than $200/mo for a few years. That's a payment that would not interrupt my saving plans for the house projects either. Link

No.2: 2009 with 64,000 miles. This car is the same color and as my car, so I like it a lot! It's the cleanest looking of the group, and those 20,000 extra miles make it $1,000 cheaper than car No.1. Link


No.3: 2008 with 47,000 miles. This car is the same price as, but a year older than car No.2, but has about 14k less miles. 2008 is the same year as my car and is the pre-facelift model which would be different from cars 1 & 2. This car is claimed to be owned by a 49 year old guy. It's also got some goodies on it, like a CAI and upgraded factory wheels. That said, it's also got some mods that I absolutely hate; like a-pillar gauges and center console gauges. I mean, how many gauges does this guy need! Link

No.4: 2008 with 85,000 miles. Sorry I couldn't post a picture of this one. The dealer's site and my phone aren't getting along. This car is the roughest of the four, but is priced in a way that I could get it without any sort of monthly payment. This dealership also offers tires for life. The catch is it's got 20k more miles than my current car, there's scratches and stuff going on in the interior, and it looks like it's got the wrong wheels on it for the year and model. By the looks of the red decals and aftermarket Nav, I'm guessing this was a trade in with some god awfully tacky wheels. The dealer must have slapped some 09+ alloys off a civic EX that they had lying around. But remember, I could probably get it for an even trade plus my year end bonus... and the scratched parts can always be replaced! Link


So what do you say?! Should I further look into this idea of trading my LX in for an Si? Should I suck it up and drive the LX for a few more years and get something better down the road? Which of these four cars do you think is the best bang for buck? Was this post way too long and you don't care about my first world problems?

Also, before you say Miata or v6 Mustang, I needs four doors because dog and maybe baby down the road... Plus I have to get the wife's approval!