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Oppo (oWo?) hivemind, ASSEMBLE!

I need y’all’s oppopinions about a vehicle purchase for my aged in-laws.

Current Situation:
My 94 year-old father-in-law’s 2008 Buick Enclave has officially “seen better days.” Before we finally got him to stop driving (at 91!!!) he tagged just about every panel on the thing on one pillar in their parking garage or another. He decided to have a “mobile body repairer” “fix” the damage and was thrilled at how little it cost. Unfortunately his poor vision didn’t make it apparent enough to him that, when it comes to bodywork, you get what you pay for. So now they are facing some 3500-4000 in needed repairs on the battered beast. My MiL wisely does not wish to dump more money into it; if it was in better shape, I’d disagree with her but, y’all, this thing is pretty roached at this point.


Ok, Now What?:
SO ... now they want to replace it with a used whip. My middle-aged bro-in-law lives with them and drives them to all their (numerous) doctor’s appointments, etc. Their budget is no more than $20k and they liked the comfort and ride height of the Enclave but are open to a more traditional layout this go-round. They (wisely) do not want a new car; they can afford it but since they are putting so few miles on their car now, it seems pointless.

I’d love your recommendations!

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