Oppo PC enthusiasts - need help with my pcpartpicker build

EDIT: I updated the link, should work. Never really thought of an adapter for the power supply, or maybe I was told and forgot. I think I’ll start with this...

I’ve been talking about it for a while but I think I need to bite the bullet and upgrade my PC. Does this pcpartpicker build make sense?


I currently run a system with i7-4770k, 12GB RAM, GTX 760 1.5GB, and a 120GB SSD/1TB HDD. I got it in 2013/14 and it’s done well, but is now really showing its age in games like Borderlands 3, Wreckfest, and GTA V (so it’s been struggling for a while now).


I did look into upgrading the GPU only, but I don’t have the right power supply connector - the GPU uses a 6-pin power supply but I think 1660s now require an 8-pin at least. I can’t find an 8-pin connector or a stray 2-pin to make a 6+2 power supply.

So to get a 1660 Super I’d need to upgrade my power supply, and I want to replace my CPU cooler since F@H pushes it close to 100 degrees Celsius. All that adds up to a decent amount of rubles, enough for me to consider building my own from scratch for the first time.Does this build make sense? My goal is max detail 1080p/60fps gaming; the latest game that I play is Borderlands 3, but I’ve stopped playing some games because the poor framerates were seriously impacting the experience (GTA V, Wreckfest, Doom, even Civilization VI starts to struggle mid game).


I would like to save costs where possible; it looks liek I can get RX 580s for pretty cheap; it seems like they are still good GPUs but they’re getting pretty old. Should I spring the extra for a 5600XT or 5700XT? It would be neat to build a full AMD system.

Anyways, your feedback would be appreciated; I’ve noticed a lot more PC talk since F@H started here!

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