I’ve had an LG G6 for about two years now that I got for “free” back when I worked foe LG. Lately, it’s been taking a shit on me- won’t start, stopped receiving texts, gets absurdly hot, crap battery (10% per hour idling with the screen locked on battery saver) and generally isn’t really very good compared to newer stuff. Also, I find it too big. I’d prefer something closer in size to mu iPhone 5s I had before, but with modern hardware. Yes, I know, iPhone SE exists, but I think they only sell them as refurbished units which I’m hesistant to do (but they’re only about $120 for a refurbished one so...)

I also like the UI on my LG. It’s pretty similar to iPhone UI. I don’t really use third party apps, so that’s not much of a concern to me, but I don’t really want another iPhone because of Apple’s habit of pushing firmware updates that make hardware operate poorly so you get a new phone.

What would you recommend, Oppo? What is the used Honda Fit of cell phones at the moment?

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