Oppo-pinion time


Welcome to another edition of Oppo-pinion time! Today’s question is as follows: What video game is the most rage-inducing break the screen with the controllerly difficult (or break the monitor with the keyboard if it’s a PC game)game you have ever played? My personal vote goes for the NES title Friday the 13th. If you have never played it or forget what it’s about here is a summary. You are 6 camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake. You run around the randomly zombie infested camp trails trying to desperately find a weapon to throw that is not the rocks you start with. You will hear a random alarm telling you that Jason is slaughtering children in one of the cabins. You check the map and switch to the nearest counselor and go into the cabin to die your inevitable death. On the off chance you manage to fend off Jason in the Mike Tyson’s punch out-esque combat battle he will not really die, he just runs away to finish you off later. Next you will probably try to find some items in one of the two forests on the map. Did I tell you that the forests have no clues to differenciate sections. Good luck getting out! After your counselor dies in the forest at the hands of zombies and forest exclusive foxes, you will switch to another counselor to turn around and kill them very shortly after. I think that to actually kill Jason you need to successfully find the cabins in the woods to get a key to open a cabin in the even more confusing cave area where you fight a very hard boss to finally get the one weapon in the game that actually kills Jason. It’s almost impossible to do that though. The worst part is that the 6 counselors are not even equal. Two of them are fast and jump high, two are average and two are slow and horrible at jumping. So it’s like Hell in a cartridge. Enough of my rambling, let’s hear your oppinion.

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