Hello and welcome to another Oppo-pinion time. I know I have not done one of these in a while and for those of you who don’t know our remember what that is, I ask you a question,and you respond. Easy peasy. Now today’s question, Which car of this trio of terror would you own? Amc Gremlin, Ford Pinto or the Chevy Vega? I would personally say (and don’t bash me for this) but the Vega is actually a good looking car. That’s about the only plus side to this car, that ranks dead last. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m 99% sure the engines on those things would rattle parts off and the suspension was made of wet toilet paper. The coveted Middle Place trophy goes to yours truly, the explosively bad Pinto. You all know the Ford story of the exploding gas tanks and the fact that it was cheaper to settle wrongful death lawsuits than fix all the cars and all of that malaise era goodness. Other than that fatal flaw, the car was acceptable, but not great. 1st place goes to that Gremie with it’s awkward styling claimed to originally have been sketched on an airplane vomit bag was rather good,with the main complaint being that it had bad fuel economy compared to the others due to it’s stock v6, while the 2 other guys got I4s as stock. That’s enough rambling from me, Let’s hear from you!


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