Hey everyone, hope you Tuesday has been going well. I have decided I want some input from my fellow Opponauts. So here is my dilemna, I have stock rims for my 06 WRX that have been beadblasted but never powdercoated like I intended for. They have a bit of curb rash and need that repaired before powdercoating. I also could go check out the new Tire Rack center in the Twin Cities and order them that way as well. I’m trying to keep this under $200 a wheel before tires and open to any color other then gray. I am also completely open to any other suggestions from you guys, EXCEPT FOR RPF1's, I don’t like them at all. So here are my ideas:

1. Powdercoat my stock rims - Color ideas (keep in mind I do like black wheels, but am open to suggestions)

2. Enkei TS9 Wheels

3. Sparco Asseto Gara

4. Motegi MR131 Tracklite


5. Enkei EV5

6. Kosei K4R


7. Kosei K8R

And if you have summer tire suggetions for me as well, just chime in. I want something that will last a few summers and handles well. I was thinking the Ventus V12 or S-04 Pole Positions. Again, keep it reasonable under 150 a tire.


Thanks everyone for looking and for the suggestions. I am looking forward to seeing them.