Update: I went down to look at the truck and take it for a PPI. Unfortunately I did not come back the proud new owner of a 7.3 diesel. The first issue was when they pulled it around and the sales guy wanted to show me something. They didn’t know how it happened, “maybe someone was trying to steal it”. What? Ok. So I was expecting the door handle to be all screwed up or something. No the problem was somehow one of the rear wheel well fenders got ripped off.

Ok, whatever, just let me take it to a shop for a PPI. Second issue becomes apparent on the drive to the shop. Why the hell don’t I have any boost? This wasn’t an issue when I drive it a couple months ago. No boost, no power, it was a dog driving it to the shop.

The shop finds what they think is the issue. It looks like the exhaust line going to the pressure sensor is disconnected. Not sure how that happens. I also noticed the truck seemed louder than when I test drove it the first time, with the truck on the lift I can see the exhaust was cut off right below the cab. And it looked fairly fresh.

Finally I notice there is a bunch of brush debris in the covered bed that was not there when I took it for a drive a couple months ago. All these clues are making me think some employee borrowed it for some yard work and beat the ever loving piss out of it. And returned the truck hoping no one would notice.

I told the dealer it’s a definite no at their current price. The sales guy didn’t even counter, just said sorry it didn’t work out but I’m sending it to auction at this point.


Kind of bummed. Oh well, I’ll find another truck eventually.


I want your opinions Oppo. I’m looking at this truck right now.

It’s reasonably priced compared to the rest of the market around here and has been at this dealership for ~4 months. They just dropped their price again to a point where I’m interested. I don’t like the black out everything, so I would replace the lights and remove the plastidip from the wheels. I don’t need a dually, but for the right price it doesn’t bother me. But besides that it’s extremely clean, runs well, and only has 98k miles on it. Also, it’s the 7.3 which should be good for another 300k miles.


So Oppo, is this a good price point? Any concerns you would have with this truck?