Oppo-pinions - fur face edition

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Let’s start with this - I’m not a pet person. I don’t hate them, just don’t love them. But I have 4 kids, and the middle daughter wants a dog dearly. She has also been really great in school this year so far, and has noticeably changed some of her not great behaviors, clearly in an effort to show she can be responsible for a pet.

So we a almost definitely getting a dog. Here is where the opinions are welcome. My requirements / wants for a dog:

-Very low shedding. I detest pet hair in my house.

-Small to medium size. I don’t want a big dog tearing up my house.

-Needs to be house trained already. We are already starting to look at pets available at shelters nearby. I’m not getting a puppy. I’ve house trained 4 kids, not doing it again.


-Needs to be ok at home alone for about 8 hours a day (ok if the dog is good and will roam the house, or will be in a crate). My wife and I both work, so the pet will be at home for long periods every week day.

-Low or no barking.

I think that is it. What are you thoughts Oppo?

Right now we are leaning towards some sort of terrier mix. My daughter wants a Corgi or a Yorkie, because they are cute.

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